Posted on Sep 19, 2019

Brookshire Pressure Washing Service

🕵️ Brookshire Pressure Washing Service is on the look out for whoever committed this assault against this concrete! We believe the suspect is either blind or...well they must have been blind. The suspect likely owns a home owner grade power washer and thinks they are handy - probably looking to save a few bucks doing it themselves but ran out of steam and/or daylight.

If you have any information please call Brookshire Pressure Washing Service at (281) 769-8765 immediately so we can help save this poor concrete! We can rescue dirty concrete but sometimes overly enthusiastic home owners go too far and cause permanent damage to the concrete that even the pros can't fix - don't do it!

Seriously - why even bother? Just go to and fill out the form and have a quote by the end of the day in most cases!
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